SpringField, MO

TUbliss Testimonial: CASEY PETZOLDT

“THE best purchase I have made for my bike… I cannot believe the difference that it has made. Tire wear has drastically decreased since the tire now hooks up on everything, and the traction is phenomenal. I’ve ran the same tire all summer on some very rocky terrain here in Missouri and this has by far been the longest a rear tire has lasted. The rear end of the bike is much more planted, and the low pressure that I can run absorbs a lot of the small chatter from the trail.”


Mesa, AZ

TUbliss Testimonial: MIKE McDANIEL

“Virginia City GP - On lap two I stopped at the pits for gas – pit crew noticed the front was flat – checked the high pressure tube and it was still holding at 100psi – put 5 lbs in the low pressure side and off I went (figured it was a rock puncture – but didn’t have our tube less patch stuff in the pits) – not going to DNF – gave it a shot. As it turned out I did 2 more laps and finished the race…TUbliss saved the day!”



TUbliss Testimonial: Kevin and Michele Busch

This system is by far superior for our needs. We ride in Colorado and a lot of single track, my husband is also a Trials rider, so he loves the traction he gets with TUbliss.


Cookeville, TN

TUbliss Testimonial: MIKE PHILLIPS

“I purchased the TUbliss system in august last year. I did the research and watched the vids and decided to try them out… I’ve ran 5 MSXC races and countless hours on the trail. I’ve about completely worn a set of tires out and no problems whatsoever. This past Sunday was round 9 at Loretta lynn’s… I started the 3 Rd lap I noticed the front end seemed a little sloppy. Finally I stopped to check and sure enough I was running on a flat on the front tire. Normally this would mean the end of my race. I did ease up a little on the rocks but I ran 19 miles on that flat tire and was able to finish the race. This is proof that this system will get you to the finish line. I fell back to 6 th place out of 28 but I finished strong. Thanks for a great product!”



TUbliss Testimonial: CHAD BAILEY

The Tubliss system works great in all sorts of terrain. We have tested them in the sand, slick rock, mountain trails and rough desert terrain. Racing or just enjoying a weekend adventure Tubliss is the way to go.



TUbliss Testimonial: CURTIS BRUNN

TUbliss is a great system, really one of the best modifications you can do to almost any dirtbike.


Marin County, CA

TUbliss Testimonial: MIKE EVERETT

“AWESOME PRODUCT! I've been riding and racing for over 40 years and have never experienced such incredible traction and control! The confidence to splatter against rocks and roots has brought me up a gear and sometimes two on my old familiar trails in northwest California. Now I'm riding lines on trails I've looked at for years that I never thought were possible before!”


Ontario, CA

TUbliss Testimonial: SHAWN PACKER

“I just got back from a 1600 mile Baja trip with a buddy. We both ran the ED78 tires with TUbliss. We did lots of rough off road. Zero flats! What an awesome product.”



TUbliss Testimonial: FRANK CRIVARO

Best product in 26 years of riding! I cant tell enough riders about your system it gives you so many advantages/gains... less diflection off of rocks and roots is my favorite one... trials tire like feel with knobby like traction... tires stay on my bike longer due to bigger traction footprint... options of tire pressure variation... tire plug repair possible... fast and easy tire change... I have to say that it a money saver for me and the people i ride with... customer service is also top notch!


TUBliss Testimonial

TUbliss Testimonial: JEFF SAPPINGTON

“ My 18” TUbliss and the Sedona 907 tire have been on the bike since August 2014 and it’s never gone down. Some slight topping off now and then, but that’s it. I tried many pressures but like 4 to 6 pounds in the rear, and 8 to 10 up front with a Bridgestone M59. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on a great product and extend to you that I’ve never heard anything but positive comments about your service.”